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Technical rules Group STREET

Pridal , 02.02.2016  |  Predpisy  

Group DR- drift STREET



1. General
1.1. Cars that are mass produced or homologated or not homologated belong to this group but RWD only.
1.2. RWD power train is allowed only
1.3. Cabriolet cars are allowed only when contain Hard-Top or are equipped
with safety cage regarding.
1.4. Driver:
1.5. Registered competitor obligates to wear racing suit or overall (FIA Approval is not mandatory) and sturdy shoes. Helmet must be approved by FIA or have Street legal usage approval (FIA/Street-Legal). Dress code is mandatory to allow entry to the Driver is his car.
1.6. Co-Driver:Passenger obligates to wear Helmet approved by FIA/Street-Legal during when is in the car.
Whole body covering dress is recommended.
1.7. DriftTaxi
Take Drift Taxi passengers is not allowed. Alowed only if the car is equiped with the Main Arc (Half cage) regarding FIA regulations Article 259 section 1a and or safety cage regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 8. This does not apply to new drivers never participating in Drift.

2. Engine
2.1. Allowed Displacement is up to 4.6L.
2.2. Final displacement multiplication factor for:
2.3. Supercharging 1.7, Nitro 1.3, Wankel 1.3, Diesel 1.3
2.4. Displacement restriction is not valid for new Driver. 
2.5. Exhaust system is open but must contain silencer. Silencer is not mandatory
for Turbo charged engines.

3. Fuel system
3.1. If stock tank hasn’t been used it is recommended to place it outside crew compartment.
3.2. If stock fuel lines hasn’t been used it is recommended to proceeded regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 3.1 & 3.2.

4. Lights
4.1. At least one brake tight light must be operational on the car.

5. Wheels
5.1. Tires of the rear axle must have European street approval “E” Slicks are not allowed.
New tire must contain Wear index 250 and bigger.

6. Crew compartment
It is allowed to remove interior trim and isolation. If car doesn’t have safety cage regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 8 doors trim can’t be removed or stock doors replaced with other material.
Crew compartment must not contain sharp edges. Placements of pipes and hoses (except stock heating lines) that can leak and cause harm are recommended to be placed outside crew compartment. It is recommended to cover pipe or hose by additional sealed cover or tunnel when it must be placed in crew compartment.
When trunk compartment containing part of fuel system is not separated from Crew compartment it is recommended to separate it by wall blocking liquids and fire.
6.2. Safety belts
When stock belts have been replaced by multipoint belts car must be equipped by Main Arc (Half cage) regarding FIA regulations Article 259 section 1a.

7. Windows
7.1. Windshield must have European street approval.
7.2. When car is not equipped by safety cage regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 8 it must be driven with closed windows. If car don’t have side windows crew must wear closed helmet.

8. Trailing eye
8.1. Is mandatory in front & rear.
Trailing eyes must be marked by arrow.

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