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Technical rules Group PRO

Pridal , 02.02.2016  |  Predpisy  

Group DR - drift -PRO

1. General
1.1. Cars that are mass produced or homologated or not homologated belong to this group but RWD only.
1.2. Driver:
Registered competitor obligates to wear racing suit or overall (FIA Approval is not mandatory) and sturdy shoes. Helmet must be approved by FIA or have Street legal usage approval (FIA/Street-Legal). Dress code is mandatory to allow Driver to start.
1.3. Co-Driver:
Passenger obligates to wear Helmet approved by FIA/Street-Legal during when is in the car.
Whole body covering dress is recommended.
1.4. Drift Taxi
Take Drift Taxi passengers is allowed

2. Engine
2.1. Exhaust system is open but must contain silencer. Silencer is not mandatory for Turbo charged engines.

3. Fuel system
3.1. If stock tank hasn’t been used it is recommended to place it outside crew compartment.
3.2. If stock fuel lines hasn’t been used it is recommended to proceeded regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 3.1 & 3.2.

4. Electrical system
4.1. The general circuit breaker regarding FIA regulations Article
253 section 13 is mandatory.

5. Lights
5.1. At least one brake tight light must be operational on the car.
Red color LED line brake light must be placed to windshield/front window.

6. Wheels
6.1. Tires of the rear axle must have European street approval “E” Slicks are not allowed.

7. Safety cages
7.1. Mandatory regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 8
7.2. Safety belts
At least four point safety belts are mandatory for Driver & Co-Driver Installation must be performed regarding FIA regulations Article 253 section 6

8. Windows
8.1. Windshield must have European street approval. Driver must have closed helmet if car doesn’t have side windows.

9. Trailing eye
9.1. Is mandatory in front & rear. If trailing eye extruding outline car shape it must be from belt of appropriate strength to tow car.
Trailing eyes must be marked by arrow.

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