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Favourite drift tires, direct comparison

Pridal , 14.08.2014  |  Novinky  

Competitors:   Extreme  S, Achiles 123S, Federal RSR, Extreme V, Wanli S-1088

Test track: Padock, Pezinska Baba
Testing tool: BMW M3 e46 supercharged (UFO) Thanks to Gabo, car was borrowed from Transportprojekt
Test Driver:  Ivan Vlcek, actual official Slovakian champion




 Every tire was heat up with short spin on 2nd gear and after every test ride cooled down by rest ride(without drift).
Initial test pressure was 1.7 Bar for every tire.



Extreme S: 245/35/18

 3 rounds on initial pressure 4th 0.5 Bar blow out.

Entry to first round tires keep power on surface but clutch kick was not required. Traction in first two rounds was really good with the feeling like RSR but lateral grip was lower.Third round was without traction but wear was really nice, flat surface as you can see on picture. It means that they hold longer. It spill at the end of fourth round. In summary this is tire comparable closely with RSR with reminding the fact that it was 245/35/18.



Achiles 123s 255/35/18

 Entry to first round was harder than Extreme S,  clutch kick not required just harder wheel spin and more throttle required. Grip was dramatically increased after heat up during entry in to first swap to level when engine don’t have enough power to rev up to limiter (8000RPM). Stay on full throttle as much as possible was required to keep car in angle during first two rounds. Significant grip lose has been occurred in the middle of third round which cause car spin. Next round was chill ride with one half throttle required to full angle, limiter reach without issues. Really good lateral traction, car is going back to straight line really aggressive during throttle off. It was not possible to swap without throttle. We had just one pair to test and because behavior of these tires is so different it will be required to do more test for proper pressure adjustment, settle in that grip, and also to be able for more accurate  comparison with others. However best tire that I ever ride.



Federal RSR 255/35/18

Hardest entry during first two rounds but still clutch kick was not needed again just more wheel spin to get in angle with more throttle. Good traction within first two rounds but significantly lower than with achiles. Engine didn’t have lag of power known from previous test with reving to limiter without issues. It was fast rounds with confidence that quick swaps are able to handle with full throttle without spin. Third round was without traction from first swap where just gentle throttle rev engine to limiter, full angle. Tires spill during third round. Best smoke has been achieved with these tires during whole test.




Extreme V 245/35/18

Easy entry with light throttle traction really low, one quarter of throttle spin engine to limiter with full angle. Low traction, easy to cause car spin means low lateral grip. Two bars of pressure has been measured after two rounds so blow out to one bar. Traction was not changed  and third round was the same as previous two.

One tire lose tread in fourth round during first swap.



Wanli s-1088 255/35/18


Really low grip comparable with Extreme V also when one bar was blown off without significant change of traction. The advantage of these tires is that they hold twice rounds to other tires. Good tires for cars up to 400hp which also applies to Extreme V. It should be better to compare these two tires on car with lower power.

It was too much powerful car to feel/measure difference between Wanli and Extreme V.

 Sorry, we don't have photo of these





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